Refreshing the Home

The holidays are behind us and the new year upon us. The trees and festive table settings, glistening outdoor lights and decor are put away for the next ten months. And things are kind of back to normal.

If you are like me, the new year brings more than just a desire to make resolutions for life changes; it brings a strong need for refreshing the home. There are many, affordable ways to spruce up our rooms and outdoor living areas that will bring cost-efficient satisfaction. Today I want to offer a few of them.

Decorative throw pillows are a fun and easy way to spice up a room. They can be easily matched with solid color window panels, and stored away in attractive baskets. Add an area rug and your room is transformed! Choose a theme: desert, neutrals, sea, bold and bright, or abstract. The options are endless! Then choose the accent color and use it to find matching curtain panels. These slide on and off curtain rods easily and are about $20 per panel.

Click on any picture for purchasing/collection info.

“Painted Desert” Theme from Pier One. Click on picture for ideas in this collection.

The above collection is bright and fun and perfect for spring and summer! The pillows range from under $15 to $30 per pillow.



As you can see, there are a number of bright or neutral colors from which to pull and bring out in your window panels and accents rugs.

A light colored window panel choice that pulls from some of the color in the throw pillows. At $12 per panel, they are a beautiful and affordable way to bring accent to the room.

Looking to add some additional accents to the room? Plants, real or fake, bring life to any living space. Try these to go along with the Painted Desert theme.


Faux succulent plants bring life and color to your room without the maintenance or worry of real plants.
The “Shades of Blue” collection has beautiful, cool colored hues with detailed embroidery accents.
From bright to light, brilliant to neutral, this theme is perfect for anyone’s taste! And these colors are complimentary in modern or farmhouse styled rooms.

Your choice for accent rugs and window panels will be endless and exciting to choose from! Add a few plants to the room and relax in your newly refreshed living area.


I have always loved the idea of a beach house! If you can’t have the beach, you can have the warmth of the ocean brought to your living room with the “Sea Glass Cove” Collection.


These pillows are absolutely beautiful! The colors are fairly neutral and easily matched.
In the sea theme, these light aqua panels are perfect! And only $12 per panel.


The best part of revamping a room in this way is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A few throw pillows cost about $25 a piece, and accenting solid color pillows are less than that. Panels run between $12 and $25 per panel (you will want 2), depending on the material and how sheer they are. Area rugs vary quite a bit in cost, but so do their sizes. A small one can cost about $25, while a larger one can range between $100 and $200. Smaller accents such as faux plants and candles range from $10 to $150. A total room makeover? Between $300 and $500! When you are considering the beautiful, refreshed look you will be enjoying for years to come, this is a very good price!

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