You Want Me to Eat What?

Everyone has heard of fasting in some form or another. Intermittent Fasting, Water Fast, Juice Fast/Cleanse, Fat Fast. Wait, what? FAT?! Yes, you heard me correctly: a fat fast. The skinny? You "fast" from nearly everything except fat for about 5 days. There are lengthier versions that include an extra day, followed by a "re-feed… Continue reading You Want Me to Eat What?


Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting, also referred to as IF, is by no means a new concept, although it is becoming more widely known and practiced. By definition, intermittent fasting simply means eating within a certain time frame. This is, of course, quite different from the practice of eating six small meals throughout the day. Many people who… Continue reading Intermittent Fasting