Sweater Dress Season

I absolutely love dresses and skirts, long or short, fitted or flowing. They are elegant, flattering and comfortable. But the best for this time of year? A good sweater dress! I have a few that I bring out this time of year, and I always receive compliments on them.

The sweater dress I wore yesterday transitioned perfectly from church to lunch with family. It was also the Feast of Theophany (or Epiphany), so it was a special occasion lunch at that.

The sweater dress is pretty short. For some, a good pair of OTK boots without leggings would work nicely with this outfit. But for me, I chose the leggings… plus it was cold! So instead, I pulled out the black slouch boots – outfit done! I wore opal jewelry with it to dress it up a bit.

I’ve linked several fitted sweater dresses, as well as leggings, slouch boots and OTK boots. Again, a great sweater dress can be worn several different ways, and all will look effortlessly amazing.

Click on the picture for purchasing info.

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