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Unique Jewelry Gifts for Her

Happy Tuesday! Hopefully everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and survived the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Week. Today I would like to offer a list of beautiful and unique gift ideas for the women in your life. Many of these are made of recycled materials to create truly amazing masterpieces that can be worn for a number of occasions. All of them come with their own story, and are sure to also make a statement when she puts them on.

So without further ado, here is my list of unique jewelry ideas. Click on any picture for purchasing information.

This bracelet is made of Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Coral Jade and Agate. But it is not just another beautiful beaded bracelet! Hidden within this bracelet’s clasp is a secret compartment to stash your personal wish. Write down goals, dreams, inspiration, anything! Wear it as a reminder of these things you keep dear to your heart.
This necklace is a delicate kaleidoscope of glass beads and various gemstones strung together. Colorful and bold, yet delicate, this brightens up any outfit.
This bracelet is made of shattered borosilicate glass, put back together again to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that also serves as inspiration. Called the “Shattered Ceiling Bracelet,” this actually does make a statement, representing all the women who have done just that – shattered through the glass ceilings in life, overcoming obstacles in order to reach their dreams and goals.
This set of 10 bohemian style bracelets is handmade by women in Guatemala. Each one’s colors and charms represent our Sun and planets. Bright and colorful, this is sure to bring excitement to your outfit.
This handmade bracelet is created with a number of stunning gemstones, including Labadorite, Amazonite, Amethyst, Whisky Quartz, Crystal, Pink Opal, Rainbow Moonstone, Peridot, Iolite, Chrysocolla, Green Amethyst and Carnelian. They are set in hand forged bronze that is not soldered, giving it a natural, woven look.
These geometric earrings are made from wooden beads hand-wrapped in Kantha textiles, a traditional South Asian embroidery technique used to make saris. They are handmade in India and finished with French earring wire.
Talk about recycling, these handmade earrings are made from old skateboards! How unique is that? The special way each pair is made enables the wearer to see and bear the original markings (loving wear and tear) of the skateboard, along with its pattern.
This aquamarine branch ring is set in sterling silver. The stone is rough-hewn for a more natural look than polished stones. The gemstone is long believed to bring luck and harmony. Beyond that, it catches light in a stunning way, making it almost glow and change on your finger!
Flaunting a flair for the tango, the Argentinian designer of this necklace brings together her culture, tradition and a rustic sense of beauty. After shaping brass pieces, she lets oxidation take its natural course, which changes the metal into the beautiful colors you see now.
These beautiful, cascading beads you see on this necklace are actually tightly rolled pieces of mint green paper! They are handmade by artisans in Uganda, ready to bring color and beauty to any outfit.
Here is a cuff bracelet for the planet loving woman in your life. Made of glass and rhodium plated brass, this piece displays the Sun and all 9 planets with elegance and beauty.
These colorful Kantha hoop earrings are handmade in India. Wooden beads are wrapped in vibrant, repurposed textiles, and are sure to dress even the most basic look.
Another take on Kantha jewelry are these beautiful earrings. Again, these are handmade in India using vibrant, repurposed textiles.
Like the beautifully unique necklace a few images above, this mixed metal cuff brings Latin American flair to your wrist and wardrobe.
Talk about recycling, how about dried fruits and vegetables! These one of a kind cuffs are just that – pieces of produce, dried into strips and then fused onto brass.
Another take on the mixed metal look is this fun bracelet. Once again, brass is hammered out into circular and oval shapes, left to oxidize and color naturally, and then arranged together to create a chunky, unique bracelet, perfect for any look.
Wanting to embody the gentle, yet sometimes fierce ebb and flow of the ocean, the designer of this necklace leaves aquamarine in its rough-hewn state, and sets it gently into hand sculptured brass bezel.
The designer of these earrings was inspired by the Gingko tree. Embracing both its summer greens and fall yellows, she handmade these pieces from teal patina and brass. The earwire is 14k gold filled.
These Sunrise Tassel earrings will bring joy and vibrancy to your day. The designer, inspired by a trip to Thailand, strung together her colorful tassels on hand-hammered semi-circles of 18k gold-plated sterling silver.

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