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While I do enjoy what’s in style and trendy, I’ve always prided myself on giving unique gifts. While you can usually find the uncommon present by accident in a number of stores, there’s one shop that caters exclusively to just that: the unique and uncommon.

I have been shopping Uncommon Goods for years (and even 12+ years ago when they went by Red Envelope!). Whether you’re looking for something personalized or just plain different, they have what you’re looking for.

I’ve complied a lengthy list of uncommon gifts for everyone on your list: pet lovers, couples, men, women, teens and kiddos.

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For the DIY-er in your family, this make for own lip balm is perfect! There is enough product to create five, unique lip balms. This is a great sleepover craft, or a gift in and of itself!
For the guitar player! Take your old cards, licenses, etc. and turn them into unique guitar picks! I bought this for my husband for his birthday and he’s “recycled” many expired cards into fun, one-of-a-kind picks.
Let the games begin! Cards Against Humanity, step back (you’re still fun; don’t step TOO far back). Here’s a great game for the whole family… from one family’s awkward picture to your quote! Match hilarious, embarrassing pictures with movie quotes.
By suggesting this gift, I’m not implying you can’t make a mean Bloody Mary. But whether you’re the drink making master, or the rookie trying to find the perfect pairing for his Saturday morning omelet, this gift can’t go wrong. A perfect addition (or beginning) to your in home bar.
For the aspiring artist and eco friendly, these star shaped crayons are what they need. Not only will they make unique artwork, but they are uniquely beautiful just by themselves! They are made from recycled ends of old, discarded crayons and melted down to create lovely, rainbow colors.
This beautiful, upcycled Sari tote is another gift for the eco friendly who also has a great sense of style. Each tote is handmade in India with woven pieces of sari material.
Want something different for the stockings this year? This set of 10 planet lollipops that includes the Sun and Pluto, are perfect! Each one has its own unique flavor.
Need a gift for the person who loves to grill and cook, but already has every conceivable kitchen gadget and appliance? How about this Himalayan salt BBQ plank? Himalayan salt holds temperature, so you can serve cold sushi on this plank in a uniquely beautiful way. And because it has natural antibiotic properties, you need only to wipe it down to clean it!
These unique coasters are made with stone and have a hollowed middle (cork lines the bottom) that perfectly holds your beer bottle.
Looking for a unique way to say I love you besides a traditional card? This book allows just that. Each page has fill in the blank prompts for you to fill out to personalize your love.
Here is another great gift idea for the already fully stocked liquor cabinet. These shot glasses are made of Himalayan salt. Because Himalayan salt is stable and has natural antibiotic properties, each shot glass can party with you over and over. I bought these for my husband a year ago and he’s gotten many uses out of them!
For the DIY-er in the family! This pack of 5 different skin renewing face masks have all the ingredients you need to mix, create and use! Each one targets different areas of concern.
This is not your typical goodnight storybook! It’s better! 100 stories of strong women of history will send your little one off to sleep inspired and ready to take on tomorrow.
Want to commemorate where your husband proposed, or where you first saw that beautiful woman who would become your wife? Or maybe it’s for your parents’ anniversary or a unique wedding gift! This intersection of love photo is the perfect, uncommon gift!
Having just moved from Texas to Arizona, these homesick candles immediately caught my eye! In these state-themed candles, the scent is uniquely captured based on the geography of the state and smells of that region.
These are not just beautiful works of art. They are challenging puzzles made of real geode crystal! Beautiful, unique and fun.
Choose from over 29 real city skylines! Each glass is etched with the city of your choosing. Perfect for the homesick wine lovers!
I don’t know about you, but I’ve always hated throwing away corks. I always felt they were unique, beautiful, and could be used for something! Well this is the perfect gift for just that! Choose your state and fill it with used wine corks.
A unique gift for sure! These birthstone mineral soaps are all natural, made with invigorating minerals, vegetable-based dyes, and soothing vitamin E oil. Each is made to look like the birthstone of the particular month of your choosing.
How beautiful are these geode stemless wine glasses? Handmade on Texas, each glass is carefully created by affixing Brazilian geode to the outside of the glass.
For the dog lovers! How cute is this puppy face egg mold?! Breakfast just got more fun and definitely cuter!
Maybe you’d prefer the cat egg mold? Either way, your morning eggs just got better!

8 thoughts on “Unique Gifts”

  1. What creative gift ideas. Who needs that 101st tie or one more pair of socks? These are so much fun, but are sure to be used. I’m definitely not regifting my shot glasses. And I can’t wait to use my guitar pick maker with all my wife’s credit cards! 🤣🤣😬

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