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Dry Skin Cure

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone enjoyed their three day weekend, especially in remembrance of our veterans and their families.

It’s been a crazy several weeks! We moved from the Dallas, Texas area to Oro Valley, Arizona (just north of Tucson). While I’m excited about the move and new opportunities it provides us all, my skin has a very different opinion.

I have combination skin that tends to err on the dry side. My skin is also fair and somewhat sensitive. While my makeup routine may be complicated, my skincare regimen is actually quite basic: natural soap and homemade moisturizer (I make my own from raw butters and essential oils), and essential oils for spot treatment, as needed. And this has worked for me beautifully in sub-tropical climates like Houston, and less humid climates of Austin and Dallas, Texas. But nothing prepared me for the desert climate of Tucson! Within a week, my skin was peeling. Within two weeks, it was red and rashy, peeling, and burning. I was in agony and ready to pack up and go back to where my skin, at least, was happy!

Before things became that drastic, however, I went to Sephora. I literally went in and said, “fix me!” They performed a moisture test, and shockingly, it read well below normal. They directed me to a skincare specialist and she took me right to the cure.

I wish that I could provide you with proper before and after pictures, but I was not exactly in the picture mood with my skin flaring up the way it was. However, let me assure you, that after just one day, my skin was smoother, less red and irritated, not burning, AND had a healthy glow!!

If you’re struggling with irritation, redness, peeling, burning, dry skin, or just need a healthy glow, these products are a MUST! I’ve also linked several gift sets for you to try all their wonderful, moisturizing products and masks. Just click on the picture for info!

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