Work and Play in Classic Shades

Just because the weather is getting gloomy doesn’t mean your office wardrobe needs to be!

I posted a few months ago about some amazing outlet store scores. I’ll be featuring them and a few other looks now.

First, I must say that my go-to store for everything from tattered denim leggings, figure fitting dresses and business casual, is New York & Co. Their clothing is top quality, their customer service is excellent, and their online selection is unbeatable. From shoes and jewelry to business, lounge and swim, NY&Co has you covered. Additionally, they have many stores and outlets around the country.

Another great shop is Lucky Brand. They also have great customer service inside and online.

Nothing says classy and sophisticated like black. It’s always polished and ready for business. A simple change of the bottom or top, and you’re ready for happy hour. Top is a Lucky Brand button up, polka dot closet staple.
Here I’m wearing a Lucky Brand leather jacket and denim with Just Fab boots. Classic colors, classic look.
This lace up cuff dolman sweater comes in 9 different colors. My jeans are pull up skinny jeans from Lucky Brand and are so comfortable and flattering! Heels from Revolve.

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