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Charming Charlie Handbag Sale

Run, don’t walk, to the 40% off sale at Charming Charlie! Hundreds of items, including handbags and clothing, are available online and in stores.

Here are a few amazing deals on handbags. Click on any picture for purchasing info.

This Sannois Bow Tie tote is on sale for just under $23! It comes in four, beautiful colors, including this red.
The Matala Quilted Chain Satchel is a perfect find at $26. It comes in two colors and dresses up nicely with the chain accents.
Going out but just need ID and a credit card and your phone? This Ibiza Cell Phone Wallet is going with you. It’s just under $5 and comes in three colors! Buy one of each for the price of a cocktail!
I just can’t get enough of this season’s olive hues! Grab this Luxor Lock Satchel for under $26 in the above color or two other choices.
I bought this beautiful Cagliari Rhinestone Clutch for my own wedding last year and have used it many times since. Like the phone wallet, it’s perfect for when you just need a phone and a few cards. It will also fit a lipstick. On sale for $21.
The Tulum Tote is perfect for every day use, but dressed up just enough with gold accents. It’s a must have for just under $15! It comes in two colors.

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