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Small Shop Love for the Home

There is nothing that warms a home more than the smell of fresh baked goods or fresh, aromatic candles. And while during this time of year, our homes are filled with both, I’ll focus on the latter.

Candles by Carol is a darling shop in the heart of Rockwall, Texas, just east of Dallas. Carol, the owner and creator, has made it her life’s passion to make amazing, smelly candles and to share them with the world. After selling successfully from her home, in offices and craft shows, she opened up shop in Rockwall in 2010. Her husband helps with the business, which expanded to include art and fun finds by other small shops. Her son works in the shop and she continues to hand pour candles with new, exciting scents, thoroughly testing each one.

Just walking into her shop is a treat. The smells, the exciting new products, the old wood floors…

(Pictures below are from her website and Google photos, and are not my own):

Each month features a “scent of the month,” for a discount. And each month, I am excited to go in, peruse through her items, and take in all the delicious smells. These candles don’t just smell amazing when you pick them up, they actually burn amazingly! I have tried many aromatherapy candles, and none ever seem to actually smell. But these immediately fill your home. While her shop is local, her website is for everyone to enjoy!

Here are a few of my favorite scents:

Click on any picture for purchasing info.

“Sun-drenched bamboo stalks laced with the heady aroma of tropical blooms.”
“Sweet jasmine, bright rose, rich orchids and freesia blossoms float of a base of warm patchouli and sandalwood.”
“The bold scent of wood burning in a campfire with rugged smoked suede. Powerful and masculine!”
“Texas Bluebonnets is cool spring breezes laced with the aroma of green fields and Texas wild flowers, highlighted by bluebonnets.”
“French Market is a fragrant mix of gardenia, rose, magnolia, tuberose and arris blossom.”

And perfect for this season:

“Sweet pumpkin mixed with a wonderful spice blend of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg.”

*pictures of individual candles are my own, while the captions are from her website.

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