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Girls’ Night In

I grew up the oldest of five girls. I had so much fun playing dress-ups, making them up and taking pictures. I always envisioned that, as an adult, I would have little makeup parties at home with my girlfriends and daughters. Funny thing, I have five boys! And while they’re precious and adored, there’s a beautiful bond between me and my two daughters. While both are Tomboys, they love dressing up and doing arts and crafts. As my oldest daughter grows up (she’s almost 11), I cherish our relationship even more, but also the relationships I have with mothers of her friends. And while my childhood vision of facials, mani pedis and makeovers might be have been slightly different from my actual adult get togethers now, a part of that original vision is still very much present. Girls are always girls at heart (I believe), and even tired mommies want to play dress up and feel pampered now and then. My girlfriends and I send each other pictures of the latest eyeshadow palettes we’re coveting. My friend who lives out of town consistently shares makeup tutorials, how to pose videos, and more. My girlfriend here and I love to get together for drinks, lots of girl talk and fashion.

So I thought, why not share some fun ideas for other moms and girlfriends? It’s not a unique idea, but it’s a fun one! And a girls’ night in doesn’t have to cost a lot. A bottle of wine, some inexpensive face masks, and we’re back to our youth. These ideas are perfect to use with friends, your daughters, or both 💕.

These face masks are amazing! They’re available at grocery stores and drug stores, as well as online. They have a wide range of products for cleansing, moisturizing, brightening and more. One pouch is enough for at least 4 face masks, so at $10 a pack, they’re perfect to share.
Under eye treatment with gold? Yes please! Perfect for tired mommies.
Such products are great for tired hands, but this one is significantly less expensive than Bath and Body Works. At Forever 21 it’s less than $3.
Did you know that your lips are the only part of your body that doesn’t naturally shed and self heal? This is why chapstick is essential! These lip masks nourish your lips for a cool $2.
Embarrassing fact about me: I have the roughest, most unfeminine feet. Maybe it’s my love of flip flops and heels, maybe it’s just dry skin overall. Regardless, I’m always self conscious of them. I love my pedicures, a recent luxury, because for days my heels are so smooth! I bought foot masks before from Bath and Body Works, but for $20, it’s a lot to spend! Especially without a fresh polish to go with it. So these masks are perfect for under $3 each!
Like my dry skin, my hair gets dried out. Especially after highlighting and blow drying. If you have color treated, over heated, or just hair on the dry side, this quick treatment is worth a try at under $2!
Tired eyes? This cucumber treatment is for you. Give it a try for under $2.
I have yet to try this jade roller, or its more pricey cousin, the rose quartz roller. But facial massages are getting a lot of attention for reducing signs of aging and relieving stress. Try this roller as your in home facial necessity for under $10.
Face masks are in! You can find them in single use pouches virtually anywhere! While some can be $5 per application, Forever 21 offers dozens of choices for under $2 each.
Charcoal is another beauty topic getting lots of attention recently. A homeopathic medicine cabinet staple for stomach bugs and upsets, it’s also well known for detoxing the skin. Charcoal absorbs toxins and removes them safely from the body. So what could possibly be wrong with charcoal makeup removing cloths? Give these a try for less than $3.

Birthday time! Mommies and daughters matching 💕

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