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Urban Decay Naked Cherry

The discontinuation of Urban Decay’s original Naked palette was a sad goodbye. After all, it spawned an entire generation of nude, neutral and natural palettes from prestige brands and “drug store” brands alike. Suddenly everyone was carrying something they considered comparable to Naked’s 12 gorgeous shades. And with each release in the Naked collection, makeup lovers everywhere hurried to get their hands on the latest.

And while I don’t understand (except from maybe a marketing standpoint) the need to discontinue one makeup necessity in order to introduce a new one, I must say I’m very pleased with the latest addition!

As soon as Urban Decay sent out that email saying the collection was available for purchase through them (and only them, at this time), I rushed to get my hands on the palette. In addition to the gorgeous, cherry eyeshadows, there are lipsticks, highlighting powders and a setting spray. Many of these items are already sold out online! But the palette is still available and very much worth the purchase.

UPDATE: After writing and posting this, I realized all Cherry products are out of stock through Urban Decay. However, they are now available through Sephora!

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