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Elemis Review

Hubby and I spent our anniversary this year on our first ever cruise through the Caribbean (you can see my fashion here and here and my cruise takeaway here). Like many first time cruisers (so we’ve been told), we spent way too much in the shops and stops. Oh well, live and learn (and get gorgeous jewelry and restalyn injections in the meantime).

One purchase we made was a couple’s massage. Actually two, but the second we were “smarter” about. During our first massage, advertised aggressively on the first day as a special with an extra 15 minutes, we found ourselves being hustled to buy products as soon as our 75 minutes of relaxation were over. The products pitched were tailored to our problem areas and concerns, all of which were filled out before the massage.


While I use words like “hustle” and “pitched,” I must say that every employee on the cruise was exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable and always available for any accommodations necessary.

Back to my review 🙂

The brand the ship carried in their spa was Elemis. It’s a well-known company with stellar reviews. And honestly, I can’t argue with them. We bought three products from them, and I’ll briefly review each.

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Cellutox Active Body Oil – with all natural ingredients like fennel and juniper, this lightweight oil claims it minimizes the appearance of cellulite. While I didn’t notice much of a reduction of cellulite, I absolutely love the way it feels on my skin. It’s not like other body oils or lotions I have used in the past. It leaves my skin feeling smoother than other oils and lotions. It’s pricey – $68 per bottle – but a little goes a long way.
Instant Refreshing Gel – I stand all day long and my legs are usually sore right behind my knees. This gel goes on with a cool feeling that is definitely refreshing. Another added bonus – safe for pregnancy! I had seven babies and I can tell you that my legs were ALWAYS sore! I would have gladly paid the $55 for any relief during those last months! I do think, however, that there are other products on the market that give the same result for a fraction of the price. Additionally, I try to find things without parabens, and this, unfortunately, contains them.
Musclease Active Body Oil – This all natural oil for post workouts is amazing! I’ve used it on my husband and he on me and we both felt great and revitalized. It’s not cheap – $63.50, but a little goes a long way.

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