Pumpkin Spice (and everything nice)

It’s almost fall, ya’ll, unless you’re in Texas! Even if the weather hasn’t quite changed (or the leaves, for that matter), the season and all its beauty is here.

I used to only decorate, and then only minimally, for Christmas. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the seasons, but I found myself too caught up in whatever life was pitching at the time to think about decorations. However, I’ve come to find that this is the very beauty of putting out festal things for the changing seasons. Even if it’s just a few smelly candles in the hues of that holiday spirit, or changing up table decor and throw pillows, getting excited about each season is both fun, beautiful and therapeutic. When we take time to slow down our busy lives by doing little things that bring cheer, our mood and homes become that much brighter.

Pier One Imports has always been a favorite store of mine. I could wander inside every day and not get tired of their displays. For seasonal decor, entertaining and more, Pier One never disappoints. So in anticipation of fall, here are a few picks for your home. Bring out the PSL’s and pumpkin serving platters!

Click on any picture for buying info.

Mix and match these beautiful resin and glass pumpkins around the house for all the pumpkin spice fall feels!

Little touches around the house are an inexpensive way to bring holiday excitement to every day. With a new throw for the couch or wreath on the door, these colors and smells are all that’s fall!

Ready to go all out for fall? Change up your serving platters and coasters with these beautiful additions!

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