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Finding the Perfect Foundation

For the longest time, I never used liquid foundation. I tried Bare Minerals when it first hit (and exploded) in the beauty world. It was okay, but I found the loose powder to be more trouble than it was worth. Before I went Bare, my cosmetic bag staple was MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation. I loved it. It was a heavy foundation, concealer and touch-up in one. But my skin changed after awhile and I found that it was no longer working the way it had before.

After my bout with MAC and Bare, I stuck withPür 4-in-1 powder foundation for several years. Like Studio Fix, it was perfect as a foundation, concealer and touch-up. It also added a small amount of sunscreen, perfect for my fair skin in Texas. But again my skin changed, and powder foundation of any kind wasn’t working. I became more dry, and after age 30, it was clear that I needed to switch to a liquid foundation.

And the search began.

It was a long search.

I wanted a foundation that didn’t dry me out or make me oily. Seems like the normal issue, right? But I also want a heavy, long lasting foundation. I almost always have on a full face, so that needs to be considered when reading my reviews.

Here are a few of the products I tried and how they worked, or didn’t work, for me. As always, all pictures are links to product info and purchasing:

This foundation is hailed as being weightless, good for sensitive skin, while offering SPF protection. For me, it went on smooth but wore off within an hour.
This is a good product for the money. Right now it’s on sale fot $5!! I tried this because of the price, full coverage and natural ingredients. It went on like silk. Probably one of the best in that respect. It looked amazing upon application, but sadly, it wore off after a few hours.
I had to give the liquid a try, as their 4-in-1 powder foundation worked so well for so long. However, despite its claim at being long wearing, it wasn’t. I didn’t like the application as much either, and it didn’t seem to have the same concealing properties as its powder counterpart.
Ingredients matter, so this was also a must try. I was told by an Ulta rep that this would be a good product to try for concealing purposes. In the end, it went on nicely but didn’t have true staying power.
I love Tarte Cosmetics. This all natural, full coverage foundation was a nice product overall. For the price, it’s also a good deal. However, my desire for truly heavy, full coverage was not in this foundation. It went on nicely, felt weightless, and provided moderate coverage, but not with true staying power.
I hated this foundation. It felt like a mask, looked like a mask and also managed to make every wrinkle look ten times worse.
After trying so many liquid fountains, I was frustrated. I began researching and reading tons of reviews. I didn’t want to walk into ulta again, have another recommendation that didn’t work out (ironically, I had the same requirements each time, and somehow got a different recommendation EACH TIME). The foundation that kept coming back with the best reviews for coverage, long wearing and okay for sensitive skin was Kat Von D. It was love at first application. The shade is perfect, the concealing properties, overall coverage and stayability is the best! Plus, one bottle lasts me about 9 months! That’s HUGE!

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