Powder Dip Nails

I don’t wear a ton of colors in my clothing, but I love color everywhere else, from my makeup, jewelry and nails. Last year, I began getting powder dip nails. I originally went into the salon to have my acrylic removed, but they offered this new, hybrid manicure, somewhere between fake nails and gel. I had never heard of it, but immediately, several customers in the salon started raving about how amazing it was.

“I’m in my yard all day and no other polish lasts even a day. This lasts 3 weeks! I only need to come in when the color starts growing out!” One woman went on. I have 7 children, so time for at home manicures, drying time included, is non existent. Not to mention, they chip immediately. It’s beyond frustrating for someone like me who loves painted nails. So of course I had to try it!

A year later, I have no intention of ever using anything else! They’re indestructible, come in tons of fun colors, and look like beautiful, strong acrylic nails.

I have not yet tried out the DIY version of powder nails, although several sites and companies claim it’s quite simple and yields the same, beautiful results as would a salon. But they are definitely priced right. Here are a few companies I’ve found to have good reviews:

Kiara Sky


Revel Nails

Here’s my list of why you should give powder a try:

  1. Better for your nails than fake nails, but can achieve the same look as acrylic.
  2. They last forever! Or at least three weeks. The powder is pigmented and applied in several layers, leaving your nails hard, indestructible and gorgeous. You’ll only need to return when your nails start growing out.
  3. Powder is now growing in popularity, which means color choices!

Here are the only downsides I’ve found so far:

  1. It takes between 90 minutes to two hours to finish. But again, they last for weeks!
  2. Powder is not done on the toes, so if you want matching colors, some may not be an exact match.
  3. It is a little more expensive than a traditional manicure or acrylic nails. But again, they last longer.

Here are a few colors I’ve tried out over the past year:

French tip!

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