I recently got microblading for the second time. For those who aren’t familiar with this cosmetic procedure, microblading is a semi-premanent tattoo that creates hair like strokes in and throughout the eyebrows. The procedure adds shape, or darkens and thickens existing eyebrows. It’s usually a two step process, wherein the first round creates the look, and the second, performed 4-6 weeks later, enhances it.

I have sparse eyebrows and rely heavily upon eyebrow products like Benefit Goof Proof pencil. It literally took me 15 minutes each morning to do my eyebrows. I decided a year ago to give microblading a try. I went with a referral outside the Austin area. I live outside of Dallas, and while there are microblading specialists in my area, I discovered quickly that it’s not something just anyone can do. I was pleased with my results, but the technician didn’t give me after care information, and so my results didn’t last. Soon I was filling them in just as I was before.

My second round of microblading was this summer. I was in Tucson, where my husband works, and began looking for someone in the area. I stumbled upon Precision Cosmetics and did some research. She had nothing but exceptional reviews, and all her flawless work was displayed on her Instagram page. This is HUGE. When choosing someone to do your microblading, you MUST be able to see their work. This brings me to my personal list on how to choose your microblading technician.

First of all, if you’re visiting this page, microblading is already for you. People use it for just a little bit of fill in, and some literally use it to create eyebrows. So whether it’s to add a sexy arch to your brows or darken them, you’ll be pleased with the results microblading can provide.

  1. Don’t tan or schedule any major sun time a few weeks before your appointment and a few weeks after. Peeling is your enemy (unless it’s directly from the procedure itself, which is normal and to be expected).
  2. Once you’ve chosen your time frame, you need to get very choosy about who is going to do your microblading. #eyebrowsarelife so don’t mess around.
  3. When viewing someone’s work, look for the following: do all their after brow shots look the same? If so, go on to the next person. Each face has brows that fit them. While I would love a high arch in my brows, the shape of my face, eyes, etc. doesn’t support that look. Make sure the person measures according to your face, instead of just stenciling on brows.
  4. Do they do eyebrows and/or permanent makeup full time? I know that everyone starts somewhere, but you really want someone who makes eyebrows a big part of their job.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for a consultation. Make sure you feel comfortable with what they are going to create for you. Maybe have them pencil your look beforehand and try it out before committing to an appointment.
  6. Finally, after care is everything. I cannot stress this enough. If your technician doesn’t provide it, assume they don’t take their work and your eyebrows seriously!

I’m extremely happy with my eyebrows and with the service I received from Camille at Precision Microblading. In fact, I’m flying out to Tucson next month just for my touch up! That’s how invaluable a great artist is!

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