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Cruise Sailing Day

I absolutely love the water! This is my first cruise experience and while there is much to do, I think I would be content to sit on our balcony and watch the ocean. So peaceful and calming! It’s definitely worth the long check-in process before boarding.

Day one starts off with getting on the ship, a safety drill, and then the opening of restaurants serving every kind of food and drink, shops, clubs, you name it. A cruise is a floating party, casino and shopping mall. This can be very dangerous, as there are no debit cards or cash, just your room card that you can oh so easily swipe. On that card, any upgrades or packages you may have are marked (we upgraded food and bought a drink package).

The room is very nice and has much more storage (and hangers!) then I was expecting. That was important, because I am anything but a light packer. My husband knew I needed about 3 wardrobe changes per day. I have several beautiful Tommy Bahama dresses, and brought all of them with me. Here was my look for the first part of day one:

Dinner was at a beautiful restaurant, which required another outfit change. I know, I know, but I love dressing up! As a mommy of 7, that’s not something I get to do often. So I intend to thoroughly do so during this cruise!

This beautiful bracelet was a score from Charming Charlie.

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