Planning for a Cruise

I need to start with a confession – I have yet to go on my first cruise.  That adventure takes place in less than a week.  So excited!! However, I have been doing a little anxious reading on things I should bring, can bring, might want and never need to bring, and then how to plan for the excursions on port days.  I’m still completely lost.  So this post will be how I planned, and I will be sure to do a follow-up after the cruise to incorporate new information.

Here’s what I have so far:

  • There are two outlets per room, so only one phone, laptop, or iPad can be charged while I am drying my hair.  Bring a power outlet that doesn’t have a surge protector (fire hazard).
  • Someone posted that there are approximately 8 hangers per closet per room.  EIGHT?  That’s enough to hang clothes for one day!  There’s the breakfast dress, the lunch romper, the dinner gown and then a sweater for the deck at night.  Looks like I’ll be toting extra hangers…
  • Jewelry organizers, shoe organizers, makeup organizers.  Think tiny space.  As in most master bedroom closets are bigger than cruise rooms.  I’m getting claustrophobia just thinking about it!  Good thing we got a little balcony with our room!  Anyway, Target has a great little “dollar” section where you can pick up all these items for a few bucks each.
  • You cannot bring portable clothes steamers or irons, as these also pose a fire risk.  You CAN bring a curling iron.  For wrinkly clothes, bring wrinkle release spray.
  • There is very little lighting in the cabins.  Unless you have a room that opens to the sea, you will most likely want to bring some battery operated lights.
  • Waterproof everything you love!  I got a few different things for this – a waterproof phone pouch.  Waterproof fanny pack type thing for hubby to carry his passport and cards with him. A crossover type waterproof bag for me that performs the same functions and holds just the basics.
  • A carry on with a change of clothes, a bathing suit, meds, wine (YES!  You can bring up to 2 bottles of wine!), and anything else you’ll need for at least six hours.  You won’t be able to get to your luggage for at least that long.
  • Clear luggage tags.  The print out and staple paper tags we downloaded are a joke!  Oh, and take a picture of all your bags.  In the event they are lost, a picture will help!

Here are some things I found yesterday at Target.  I’m still not sure if this covers it, but like I said, I’ll soon find out!

cruise supplies.jpg

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