Outlet Scores

It seems that outside every major city is an outlet mall, tempting drivers as they head in or out of town with incredible deals on coveted brands. Over the year, I have read conflicting opinions on the items sold in said stores, both flattering and not so much. I have shopped at a few outlet malls only a handful of times, and my experiences were aways good.

My first shopping trip was to the Gap Outlet store way outside Houston, Texas. When I was in middle school, you wore Gap or you were invisible. But my frugal mother had five girls with a fashion need, and the regular prices for these must-have clothes simply were not in her budget. Yet one weekend, she hauled us all for an outlet mall splurge. I remember my friends not believing my new acquisitions were truly Gap brand, as they were not what could be found in the real Gap stores in the malls and Galleria. Nevertheless, upon inspection of my tags (yes, I’m serious), they found that my shirts over the next week did, in fact, say Gap… but Gap Outlet, that is. Was the quality different? I’m not sure about that and haven’t been back since to check. But it seems that all the items I selected were not regular Gap items. However, this was middle school, as I said, and all anyone cared about then was the label. Since I had that, all was good.

A favorite of mine as far as outlets are concerned is Victoria’s Secret. Let’s face it: undies and bras are something we need every, single day, as well as something we want to feel pretty in – and out of! But the price for one set can set you back $100 quickly. If you grab panties during their semi-annual sales, or should I say, if you have the time, patience and good fortune to find your size in the bottomless bins of marked down undies, then good job! Otherwise, it’s the outlet store for me. I got several sports bras, lounge around bras and underwire bras for $9.99 to $14.99 each. That’s pretty hard to beat!

But last weekend I went to a new outlet mall outside Tucson and found myself inside of Lucky Brand Jeans. I really only needed something warm, in case the temperature got below 100 in the mountains, where we were headed. But oh my gosh! There was so much! And all with the alluring “50% off” signs! I accidentally left with three new pair of jeans, three blouses, a dress and a leather jacket. And would you believe it didn’t even get cold in the mountains?

My thought on outlets? If you’re up for a bit of a drive and want to browse all your favorite designer stores in one place, GO! You will for sure find something, or many things!

Here are just a few dressing room snaps of my scores, and a few shots hubby took on our weekend in beautiful Sedona. I also found a few pictures of a Calvin Klein top my husband found for me at the Calvin Klein Outlet store last year. Beautiful and excellent quality:

buckle dress closeup

Buckle dress

calvin Klein

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